Welcome to Southampton Social Aid Group.

Southampton Social Aid Group (SSAG) is a co-operative created for the benefit of the people of Southampton. A co-operative is a members owned structure all of whom have voting rights in how the service is run. All members can be involved in the running of the cooperative.

  • SSAG will be shaped by its members and our aim is to be responsive to the needs of our members and the community.
  • SSAG aims to be able to offer a range of services to the community. Our first service is our Food Club. We hope to build on this service according to the changing needs of the community.
  • SSAG is based on the principles of solidarity not charity, participation not just consultation.

If you want to join Southampton Social Aid Group as a Solidarity Member or make a one-off financial contribution use the Solidarity Membership link below, or follow the Food Club link to find out more about joining SSAG as a Food Club Member.

A word from our Chair:

“SSAG will look to build on our Food Club service and to grow into other areas where the community needs support, according to what our members and communities need. The Food Club will not just be a means to receive shopping goods but also a space for the community members to interact and support one another. A place for signposting to services you may need and look to areas where we can grow to support those who need it. We want to break down barriers in our communities by coming together and supporting each other, while breaking down barriers to access to services by building what we need together not just what is available.
In the future we will offer training and options to lift people up and give them the skills to take forward.

We set up the SSAG structure for those who use the service to run the service, supporting those who wish to move towards gaining the experience and skills to take on the positions that run the co-operative. All roles on the Board of Trustees will be open for selection in a vote each year at our annual AGM. Every member will have a right to stand for and vote on the roles for the Board of Trustees.

Many people who slip into food poverty or insecurity may need continued support and may not wish to rely on, or attend, food banks for various reasons. The SSAG Food Club therefore has no criteria as to who can be a member or use the service, except you must be living within the Southampton city boundaries.

Our ethos is one of solidarity not charity, this means we want our members to get involved as much as they wish and have a say on how the services are run. If you use the service you will have a say, and if you are a member you will have a voting right to elect the Board of Trustees.”